This is the new solution to many previously achievable tasks!  

Available Processes:  Colorjet, Polyjet, Selective Laser Sintering, Metal Printing, Metal Laser Sintering, Filament Extrusion, Multijet, Stereolithography

Available Materials:  Visijet Impact Resin, PMMA Partikelmaterial (Acrylic Based Powder infused with Wax or Epoxy), Polypropylene-Based Durus, Acrylic-Based Vero, Unfilled White Nylon, Glass-Filled White Nylon, Carbon-Filled Nylon, Aluminum-Filled Nylon, ABS-M30, Nylon PA 12, Polycarbonate, Polycarbonate-ABS, Ultem 9085, Ultem 1010, Vestosint PA-12.

Max Printing Size: depends on process and material type

Great for prototyping, replica or replacement parts, Custom and Unique designs... often too complicated for other methods!

We would like you to email us your drawings or artwork to get the conversation started!  info@icon3dpdx.com