Precision cut with a beautiful edge, whether you need simple stencils, one-off art pieces, or complex multi-assemblage signage in large quantities. Go ahead, think outside the box! We’ve got you covered.

Our Flatbed and Dual Head Lasers can handle up to 4’ x 8’ x 7"and are extremely precise.  

Flatbed Laser - Bed dimensions-5' X 10’   Max object depth 8”

Dual Head Laser - Bed dimensions - 4' X 8’   Max object depth 5”

Cut Acrylic up to 3/4", Wood up to 1/4", Romark, Etc.

Etching of Acrylic, Glass, Yoga mats, Etc.

Tell us about your project by giving us a call or emailing us at: 503.954.1021 or We’re friendly, informative and knowledgeable. And we’re not the only ones that say that! Join our growing group of satisfied router clients from local artisans to national companies keeping pace with the latest in router techniques.